A Concise View To Online Marketing In 2014

If you have a business and a website, then online marketing is something you either are or need to be doing, because without it, you are probably not going to be getting the visitors that you really need to drive success. The days of launching a website and rising up the ranks based on poor quality links pointing back to your site are well and truly over and the new era of strong content marketing strategies are here, meaning that online marketing simply has to be a part of your overall marketing campaign.

When it comes to online marketing, far too many people put all of their eggs into one basket, which means that should one aspect stop working, then your visitors will dry up very quickly. The most important part of online marketing is to make sure you take care of a range of elements, because the more things you are working on as part of a campaign will allow you to get more visitors but at the same time cover your bases in case one stops to work or you land a penalty.

Online Marketing encompasses a wide range of areas, but these will often include:

Onsite SEO – As the word onsite may suggest, a big part of online marketing begins at home and by this we mean that you have to make sure that every part of your website is well optimised and in good order, packed full of quality, unique and relevant content. You need to make sure that things like your title tags, description tags, H1 titles, URL structure and other aspects are all working for you by making sure that they are done correctly.

Offsite SEO – Back links are still a part of SEO and to make your site rank you do need a few quality ones to really push forward, which is why offsite SEO is still important when it comes to online marketing. You need to make sure that you are writing for other sites and looking to build partnerships with people in your industry and niche, and of course, by writing amazing content, this will also get you some decent links back when it gets shared by your adoring public via a range of social sharing methods.

Remarketing – It costs seven times more to win a new customer than re-sell to an existing one, which is why remarketing is such a vital part of online marketing and yet something so many businesses fail to do. Remarketing via Adwords, Facebook, Twitter or Adroll to name but a few is basically getting your message back in front of existing customers or previous site visitors as they wander around the Internet, which reinforces your overall brand but also keeps the chances of a sale very high.

Pay Per Click – Most people know Pay Per Click as Adwords, but in fact, there are many other platforms that also offer PPC, including Adwords as we mention but also Bing, Facebook, Twitter and so many more! Paying for traffic should be a part of any online marketing campaign, because rather than frowning on having to pay for visitors, you should embrace the fact that you can, because there are few other forms of online marketing that can deliver such targeted and niche visitors to your website.

Social Media – Social signals are a vital part of rankings these days, and whilst there are many studies backing this up. Just how much they play a part in your search engine placements is not really known, but of course, you build authority and trust via social media so it makes sense that the search engines will use these as some kind of ranking measurement. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest are platforms your business needs to be using regularly for sharing and engaging.

Content Marketing – If you have been researching online marketing or long enough, you will have come across the saying that “content is king” a million times by now, or at least a few hundred. Why do so many people say it? Well, because it is true, and the days of semantic search means that Google and the major other engines want your site to be packed full of quality content, which is why making sure your content marketing plays a massive role in your overall marketing campaign is so critical in 2014.

As I have mentioned, the above list does not include everything that goes into an online marketing campaign, but it pretty much covers the most important things that can lead towards a real solid effort if you happen to do them correctly.

So, in just one page, that is a very short, sweet and concise guide to Online Marketing in 2014.


Thanks to our friends over at IS Digital Marketing for taking the time to offer their thoughts on the online marketing world for us.