Why Professional Website Translation Is Critical For Overseas Targeting

With the growth of businesses now having an online presence, selling products and services only to the country in which you are based is no longer a restriction placed upon them, as with the right kind of online marketing plan, you can start to target markets far afield and in many countries around the world.

If English is the primary language of the country you are looking to target, then this is good news, but if you are looking to get business in a country that has a different language, this can start to raise many questions and problems when it comes to your website, as getting ranked on international Google engines outside of your main target country is extremely difficult if you have no experience of how to do this.

Outside of the various SEO functions that you can perform to get overseas rankings and implement as part of your international SEO campaign, like a country specific domain name, country specific hosting and GWMT targeting, your website content has to of course be in the correct language, and above all, read perfectly, just like your current website in the UK does (or we hope). Poor grammar, bad spelling and sentences that just do not flow are not going to win you any business here, and nor will they do you any favours if you go for a cheap translation option for your other websites.

When it comes to making websites available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or whatever language you need to focus on, the assumption that just placing a Google Translation button on your website will suffice is just totally wrong, as not only will this be of no use whatsoever for your international SEO, but, the translation quality is going to be, at best, average. The reason professional website translation companies exist is due to this reason, as when your website is trying to not only get rankings but also gain more business outside of the UK, the quality has to be excellent, as if not, you are going to achieve neither.

The use of the free and automated translation options can often look very obvious and somewhat sloppy and lazy, as the results are nowhere near the same as if you have a professional translation company take your original content and re-write it another language. With content being king for rankings in the search engines and content also being equally important when it comes to turning a visitor into a customer, getting things professionally translated will help to take care of both of your main goals when it comes to penetrating new markets overseas.

This means that if you are looking to have a website targeting a specific country, or if you are going to use subdomains or separate areas of your website to target other languages, without the correct translation of your content, you are going to really struggle to get the most impact from your efforts. You have to place yourself in your visitors shoes and ask, would you buy from a company or website that has not taken the time or spent the money to make sure the experience was right for you, which is what automated and free translation can often feel like.

Weighing up using Google Translate or a website translation firm really should not be much of a decision, as if you want your customers to see that you really do offer products and services in their country and you want the search engines to rank you there, then the investment you make in making sure your content is correct for that audience is crucial, and really should not be underestimated in terms of the requirements you should be placing on this.

Quick and cheap fixes rarely work with business, and when it comes to getting to the dizzy heights of Google in other countries, needs time, effort and above all, the willingness to invest in getting things right – so very important for the long term success of your expansion aspirations.