Why Your Pay Per Click Campaign Needs Management To Succeed

Talk to any business about Pay Per Click, whether that is AdWords, Bing Ads or another platform and there will always be mixed responses. Some will have had major success, some will have had major failures, and some will have tried it and just never got it to work, given up and moved onto other avenues.

A bit like a decorator blaming his paintbrush for a bad job, PPC often gets labelled as expensive, ineffective and just a waste of time, not because it is, but simply because the effort needed (and probably experience and knowledge) was never really put into place. You hear the same story of setting up a quick AdWords campaign, not really paying any attention and letting the system do the work for you, only to then find it did not work and the money you had set aside to try it out quickly disappeared and you had, quite simply, no success.

This does not make PPC bad, this does not make PPC a waste of time, but it does make PPC a platform that does need attention if you are going to get success from it, as unless you are willing to firstly get it right at the campaign set up and then nurture and progress the campaign thereafter, you are very, very unlikely to really get it spot on. Do not get me wrong, if you just need a simple campaign then you do not need to spend the next month of your life reading, talking and learning Pay Per Click, but having a decent understanding of how it all works can really help you get the success you need.

Online marketing, whether that is PPC, SEO, Email Marketing or any other type of online advertising platform can get great results, but it requires good foundations and then strong progression, as very few campaigns can be launched in January and still be expected to be delivering great results come September.

Many new businesses forget that AdWords and Bing Ads is basically an auction model, which means that just because you managed to get position 2 today, does not mean you will still be position 2 next month, as other companies, rivals and competitors will continue to try and outbid you, especially in the really competitive markets. As your industry changes and as your portfolio grows, this also needs to be reflected in your PPC campaign, as things change, things move forward and new opportunities arise, which is why you do need to continually push your campaign forward.

Another reason why your PPC needs management is that things change, new features come into play and from time to time, things can and do go wrong. There might be an issue with your adverts, or your payment card might have expired, and if you are not on top of these things, quite quickly you can see a loss in performance and of course, a loss in traffic. Unless you know what is going on through management, you will only realise when you it has already had an impact on your business and by then of course, it really is far too late to rectify in terms of what you have missed out on.

Management fees and management contracts with PPC agencies are not always necessary, as most of the basic management you can do yourself, but if time, knowledge and expertise is an issue when it comes to this type of advertising, then it can be more cost effective to outsource your management and just concentrate on what you do best, and that is running your business. There are lots of qualified and experienced professionals who can help your marketing succeed, but even if you do not choose to outsource, always make sure you take time to manage your own platforms, even if it‘s just an hour or so every week.